New Nyali Residents Association was established in 2009. NNRA represents residents of New Nyali Estate, an area that extends from Baobab Road to the City Mall/Nakumatt complex up to and including Mwamba Drive.


NNRA’s predecessor, New Nyali Community Group, formed in 20?? in response to violent crime in the area. Cooperation among neighbours and dialogue with the police soon quelled the unprecedented wave of muggings, rapes, burglaries and carjackings that had made the estate hazardous for residents and tourists.

The opening of Nakumatt Nyali set off a wave of new construction around the estate that soon created a different set of problems: traffic jams, deterioration of roads, noise and dust pollution, littering and rubbish dumping. The extremely malleable Change of Use and construction approvals process overseen by the old Mombasa Municipal Council introduced into the estate projects that bypassed the low-density provisions of the estate’s title deeds. This, alongside numerous kiosks along the road reserves, gave residents an uncomfortable sense that developers now viewed their estate as a place where anything goes, prompting them to reorganize as a residents’ association.


NNRA has been extremely active since the establishment of the devolved Mombasa County Government in mid-2013. With a conducive constitutional framework in place and government officials charged with working with and for the people, NNRA has embarked on some ambitious projects including a massive cleanup and beautification exercise, road repairs and maintenance, dialogue to resolve traffic problems and longstanding issues of flooding resulting from the construction of a massive retail space without sufficient provision for storm runoff.

Working closely with the Mombasa County Department of Lands, Planning and Housing (LPH), NNRA has also resolved to reclaim its identity as a low-density estate. LPH has agreed to refer all Change of Use applications to NNRA for approval and to approve for new construction only plans that do not exceed ground plus two floors.  NNRA is also determined to ensure that all developers working within the estate stick to their approved plans and has received excellent enforcement cooperation from LPH and NEMA.

NNRA values the process of working with like-minded partners to achieve its goals. It has formally agreed to work with and advise residents of Old Nyali, submitted a zoning proposal developed by members of the Architectural Association of Kenya (Mombasa Branch) for inclusion in the city’s Master Plan, and successfully tapped Mombasa’s civic-minded business community to assist with specific projects. NNRA’s door is open to other residents’ associations that may require advice, support and encouragement.

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